So I just recently purchased a pair of these reflective snake skin Adidas’ so I could give this athleisure  trend a try if my own. I think that the sneakers, jean, and bomber coat is such a staple look in Chicago; so I wanted to make it a little more ‘me.’ Generally I see white Superstars with all black and…
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Chicago Rooftops

I thought I would never see the day, but I think it’s here. I officially own one too many leather jackets. I have this terrible habit of impulse buying any leather jacket I see, as long as it has a quirk of it’s own. In the case of this post, I snagged this bad boy on eBay because of the…
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Day to Night Outfit


Happy Sunday y’all, it’s been such a crazy and long few weeks for me. School has started kicking up a few gears, so homework and projects are abundant to say the least. I seriously can’t believe its October 2nd already, I mean seriously, how does time fly so fast? Luckily I had this Sunday off to run some errands and…
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It’s fall, y’all

Happy first day of fall everyone! I’m so excited for cooler weather and LAYERS. I’m a firm believer that any outfit can be taken to the next level with a jacket, a flannel, or even a sweater; a perfect example is this outfit right here. THIS outfit is nothing more than my typical summer uniform, consisting of high waisted shorts…
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I Want to Believe

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you have had a fabulous (and long) weekend. School starts tomorrow, which means I have had a million and one errands to run this past few weeks before I have zero life again. This outfit is an honest example of what I wear on a daily basis. Leggings, a baggy tee, sandals, and a…
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