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Lets Talk Face Masks

Since about October, my view on skincare has taken a total 180˚ turn. Before I had a facial at Credo with all of the Tata Harper skincare line, I was literally a wash, rinse, and call it a day kind of gal. My skin was in horrible condition, but I didn’t really care. I figured I could just hide it…
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Periods in the Army

Once Upon A Time.. I talk a lot about fashion, shopping, and whatever else crosses my mind on here. But did you know that I am also in the Army? In fact, I have been for almost 9 years! As a woman, being in the military can be a unique experience. There are times where I absolutely adore it. But…
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Home DNA: Results

…. And you ARE the father. (Sorry, I had to.) But In all seriousness, my results really are in from Home DNA! And I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with most of my results (thanks for the fab genes mom and dad!)   The Results So here are my results. It almost feels intimate sharing these with you, but…
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