I’ll Admit it, Im an Outfit Repeater

Hi, I’m Ami and I am an outfit repeater. Before shooting the look featured on todays blog, I decided it would be fun to purchase something new from H&M for a fresh outfit post. Fast forward to the night before my shoot, and my package still hasn’t arrived. Its 9PM, and I start having a complete melt down about what…
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Lets Talk Face Masks

Since about October, my view on skincare has taken a total 180˚ turn. Before I had a facial at Credo with all of the Tata Harper skincare line, I was literally a wash, rinse, and call it a day kind of gal. My skin was in horrible condition, but I didn’t really care. I figured I could just hide it…
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Day to Night Outfit

That’s a Wrap (Dress)

Wrap dresses, how do we feel about them? Love ’em? Hate ’em? THAT is the question. At least, the question I am asking today. Personally, I was team no wrap up until recently. I honestly thought that they were for older women who were trying to be modest. (Which, btw, there is nothing wrong with that!)     But recently I…
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Adopt, Don’t Shop!

This week I had the pleasure of collaborating with Christine Nendick. Christine runs one of my favorite Instagrams, @RescueInStyle. The entire concept of her page is to raise awareness of animals in adoption agencies, many of which were rescued from less than desirable conditions. It meant a lot to me to collaborate with Christine. I am the biggest animal lover…
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Plaid for the Holidays

Happy December babes! ‘Tis the season for bodysuits, plaid, and eatings lots of food! This holiday season I decided to style one of my favorite looks for really any occasion. Thats right, a plaid jumpsuit. I love this one from Asos specifically though. The blue makes a statement, ya feels? Something different from the run of the red plaid you…
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