Shifting Priorities

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When I Sit Down & Think About It

I’ve taken a lot of time over the past month to really think about my priorities for this year. I know it’s basically February, and we’re all over the ‘new year new me’ talk. But this year is going to be pretty huge for me.

  1. I FINALLY graduate with my BA (at age 27, but better late than never, right?)
  2. I am getting out of the Army after 9 years
  3. My boyfriend and I are planning on moving to NYC

With all these huge changes in my life happening, I keep finding myself evaluating whats important, and whats not. One thing I keep coming back to is how much energy I am putting into my online appearance.

Why Do I Care About My Online Presence?

In the past I have worried about if this looks cool, if I looked ok from this angle, etc etc. But if you ask literally anyone that knows me, I’m the furthest thing from cool. I fall a lot, and I mean a lot. Like the most uncoordinated person you will ever meet. I mean, I can’t even keep a beat when I dance. ( I honestly look like Elaine from Seinfeld.)

I’m also a complete nerd, and extremely goofy. I’m always making weird faces, and constantly laughing at myself. Plus, come on, I’ve worked at a technology store for six years. That has to say something about my level of nerd, right?


Enough is Enough

So why do I try and cover up who I am online? I mean the people I love most on Instagram, and the blogs I read everyday are the ones who are totally transparent with who they are. They don’t give a rats ass how they appear to others, and I really want to adopt that philosophy. To be totally frank, I don’t have time to worry about keeping up with the joneses anymore.


To Clarify

I’m in no way trying to tear myself down in this post. I’m trying to just let you all know that I want to be more open and honest in the future. I want more of my content to have meaning, and to let you know that I am just a totally normal and goofy chick like any other person you would meet.


Cheers to a new year and a new take on social media!


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