The Anti-Valentine’s Day Post

There are a million and one different ways you can celebrate Valentines Day, right? Give gifts, go to dinner with your S.O., have a night out with your best friend, or even celebrate Galentines Day. But ya know what? I don’t do any of it. I have a long-term boyfriend, and we both very quickly in the relationship agreed to skip over this holiday. Sure,  Valentine’s Day is cute, pink, and really adorable. But (beware, I’m about to get real cynical up in here) its nothing but a made up holiday for retail stores to bounce back from the lull of sales in January. Bring on the Anti- Valentine’s Day vibes. Sorry, not sorry. 


So instead of doing a Galentines Day post, or even cute merch you can buy for your honey, I’m going to post the things I enjoy doing for myself at any time of the year. Things that encourage self love. Because at the end of the day, you should always treat yourself! So if you must, use this day to treat yo self, even if you already have a hunny!

Get a Face Mask

If you live in Chicago, you have to go to Scratch Goods and treat yourself to a face mask bar. This isn’t my first time talking about this place, and it wont be the last. Whats not to love about food grade products that are good for your skin?

Gorge on Ice Cream

Jeni’s Ice Cream isn’t vegan (except for their newest flavor!), and its NOT healthy for you. But damnnn is this shit good! And perk – you can order it online. So no excuses not to try it.

Drink Some Wine

My personal favorite is 19 Crimes (Specifically the Red Blend). I mean, sure, I drink this basically, ok fine, EVERY night. But I say drink that extra glass on your Anti-Valentines Day celebration!

Send Yourself a Box of Creepy Chocolates

A nice alternative to the traditional and boring box of chocolates is the Fatally Yours Vegan Chocolate! Send this to yourself, I know I want to. Not only is it bad ass looking, you can still say you’re anti-valentines day even when eating this deathly looking box of deliciousness.

Wear Cute Sweatpants

What better way to do all of these activities, than to be comfortable while doing it? But even at your comfiest, you can still be stylish right? So why not buy a pair (or two) of these super cute, comfy, but still stylish enough to go out in, sweatpants.


So let me know, what are your plans for Valentine’s Day? Are you gonna be a lazy gal like me? Or do you have big date plans? I would love to hear! I know I kid and give Valentine’s Day a hard time, but if its something you love, go all in boo! I wanna know your plans, no matter what they are.

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