Plaid for the Holidays

Happy December babes! ‘Tis the season for bodysuits, plaid, and eatings lots of food! This holiday season I decided to style one of my favorite looks for really any occasion. Thats right, a plaid jumpsuit. I love this one from Asos specifically though. The blue makes a statement, ya feels? Something different from the run of the red plaid you see everywhere else.

Shooting this look was a lot of fun, but so fucking cold! We popped inside a Barnes and Noble for a bit to warm up. Obviously we had to shoot at the magazine stand once inside though. Obviously? Obviously. But even though it was ridiculously cold, this jacket from ASOS really kept me warm. Like, legit warm. And thats saying a lot considering I live in Chicago, and winds were blowing at 25MPH this day.   

I paired the suit with a mini backpack and a pair of pink sunglasses for a more daytime look. I was sort of channeling a 90’s girl tries to do Christmas look. Yes, *tries*. Lets be honest, I’m not very festive. I mean, I barely wear color. So this plaid, in blue? Yeah, thats about as festive as I can get for you.




Don’t forget to shop this look! I have linked the exact pieces I am wearing for you.


P.S. I would love to know what your go to holiday looks are in the comments below!





Photo credit: Roxy Yang

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