The Pick 2 Myth






How many of you are familiar with this chart? The myth of pick two. Basically it’s nearly impossible to balance all three, right? And don’t forget to add fitness, healthy eating, and your sanity into the mix.

Thats essentially where I am right now. Trying to figure out how to pass all my classes, go to the gym, post on my blog, go to work, have a life, and then be in bed by 11PM. Its really not possible. Certain parts of my life are being neglected, not gonna life. I haven’t had a chance to shoot for my blog, go out for drinks, or really much of anything else since this semester started. #collegelife

I got inspired this weekend though, after Brooklyn Hat Company sent me this fab hat. Even though I’m too busy to actually wear this outfit out anywhere fun, at least I can pretend for a minute that I actually have a life.

So tell me, what about y’all? Are you all suffering as bad as me? lol!

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