How To Create New and Exciting Content For Your Blog

So we have all been there, right? At a loss of what to post next. You want something different, but everywhere you look its just more of the same. Flat lays out outfits, cute walls, and everything else in between. So what do you do to set yourself apart?


Take a look at what Muses has to say

I think that Muses really look a great approach at the best ways to spice up what you do. Not only this, but they also did a great job of giving advice on how to look at what your audience wants.




Focus on the nuance.




Try again with a different word, or, try an associational exercise to flesh out the one you did grab. If you wrote down fun, write out one of your happiest memories next, a fun memory. What were you doing? What were you wearing? Who were you with? What made it so much fun? How does that moment fit in with your personal style?

Last week, I played two-on-two basketball with a group of friends. My best friend shot a couple three-pointers and I killed it at defense relative to my lack of experience playing basketball. I had on a dress which is not designed for sports and a pair of Nikes, as always. We initiated the shoot-out on a whim.

So, here are a few details I’ve gleaned from that memory: hiked up maxi, middle school blacktop, smack talk, unexpected victory, no judgement, my friends are good sports.  Now, I can use any one of those details to help me craft my next post. Do I know how I’m going to implement those details? I don’t. But I do know that the more specific you are with your content, the more inherently interesting it becomes.

Don’t be a afraid to go niche.


(Find the full example at


Go Unconventional

Just because you classify yourself as a ‘blogger’ doesn’t mean you have to abide by some unwritten law of blogger rules. That doesn’t exist. My personal recommendation is to step outside of your comfort zone. Stop looking at other bloggers for inspiration for once, and start looking at art, old neon signs, architecture. Then, start just taking photo of the things you notice. As odd as it may seem, a traffic cone could be your next Instagram or blog post, and you will slay it hunny.






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