Home DNA: Results

…. And you ARE the father. (Sorry, I had to.) But In all seriousness, my results really are in from Home DNA! And I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with most of my results (thanks for the fab genes mom and dad!)


The Results

So here are my results. It almost feels intimate sharing these with you, but here we go!




So as you can see, I have optimal results in almost all seven areas. Standard in collagen depreciation, but also ‘non ideal’ for collagen fiber formation. *scary*! Also, the entire antioxidant section I am only ‘standard’.


So Now What?


I’m not going to lie, I was freaked out to see I had a ‘non ideal’ result, and several ‘standards.’ But knowledge is power, and now I can be proactive about my skin! What is great about this test is that each section has a dedicated page for each result. In fact, my entire report was a whopping 11 pages.


For example, when I saw a red result for non idea with my collagen, the Home DNA results told me what I can do to be proactive.




So not only do I see my results, but I also see what I can do to improve these danger areas on my skin.


Products To Use


So naturally after I got my results, the first thing I did was research serums for Vitamin C & E, as well as creams for improved collagen. There are actually quite a few creams out there, so it was overwhelming to know what to pick.


I personally already have a good skin regimen that aids in anti-aging. But I did end up purchasing two new products to add to my routine.


(Click to shop)

I am starting out with these two puppies since they are affordable, and a brand I trust. (You all know I am all about saving a buck when I can!)

Overall Review


The entire process of Home DNA testing was easy, fun, and super educational. It is, in my opinion, well worth the money. Consider it an investment in your future skin. Not to mention, its really fascinating to learn more about yourself!

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