Home DNA Skin Care Kit Review (Part 1)


I was recently asked to review The Home DNA Skin Care Kit. At first, I was confused. I had never heard of a home DNA kits outside of checking your ancestry. But after some research, I had to say yes! 

So lets talk about how it works.

You can buy this DNA test online or soon to be at CVS for $24.99. After you bring your kit home, you register your envelope code on their website homedna.com/register, and then pay the lab fee of $79. Which, yes, may seem steep, but to be fair every other lab kit similar to this is $300! So consider this an investment in your skins future.


After your enrollment, you just swab your cheek! There are four swabs total, and they want you to use all four. It shows in the package to move the swab in a circular motion, which felt pretty silly. I had my boyfriend laughing the entire time. I mean, how often do you willing put a cotton swab in your mouth? haha!


After each swab, you just put it in the collection envelop. Once all four swabs are done, you put the collection envelope inside of a prepaid envelope and send it on out! It says that it can take up to 10 days for the lab to receive your order though, so be patient! 



So now lets talk what the results will look like.




There are seven categories total that the lab checks for:


Category 1: Fine Lines & Wrinkles


Category 2: Sun Protection

Category 3: Skin Sensitivity

Category 4: Skin Elasticity

Category 5: Pigmentation

Category 6: Collagen Quality

Category 7: Skin Antioxidants

When I receive my results I will be told which of these categories are of the most concern for me. But not only that, I will also be told which topical ingredients to use, what supplement ingredients to use, and professional treatment I can seek to help prevent these things in the future.

I am so excited to get my results, and even more excited to share them with you all! 


Get yours here!

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