Gucci Cruise 2018

How is it possible that Gucci can do no wrong?











This past Monday, Gucci showed their Cruise 2018 line. And *surprise*, Gucci has continued to explore the puny floral look that he has made his own. Not to mention, interjecting some rock music into the mix (check out that AC/DC skirt!) Vintage-esque joggers worn with ruffles, or metallics mixed with crazy materials. PLUS the absolute brilliant mix of patterns. 


“Eccentricity is not by accident, it’s something that means you are trying to translate your point of view,  also something very simple, it makes you feel a rare element of the earth,” Alessandro states. And how true is this statement?? Gucci truly inspires me to push the limits on my own person style, and to try new things that I may not be comfortable in.

So what do you all think? Are you as in love with this collection as I am?


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