36 Hours in NYC

How is it possible that this was my first trip to NYC?

The vintage shopping was out of this world! Seriously, I was in heaven. But Search and Destroy was by far my favorite shop.

And Chelsea Market had such a cute vibe!

I loved the street art. I will admit though, it was weird not recognizing any of the artist. My boyfriend Junkyard is in the local art scene here in Chicago. So obviously by association I’ve grown to love and know all of the artist well here.

Also, can we talk about how much I loved flowers on almost every street corner?! Why is that not a thing here in Chicago?

My favorite coffee spot was this adorable Japanese coffee house called Hi-Call (I think.) They made my iced coffee from scratch, right down to grinding the beans just for my cup!

I traveled to NYC for a short weekend trip. I was in town for an app launch party, but stayed for the amazing city. I landed at 12PM Saturday, and flew out 8AM Monday morning. Saturday night was mainly spent at the party. But you know I made the most of my Sunday. 

I learned that the L train takes you anywhere you need to know, vintage shopping is endless, and even if ALL Air B&Bs are booked, you can always lean on a hostel. 

Even though I only spent 36 hours in the city, I really felt like I got the perfect feel for the city. 

NYC, I love you.

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