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So since I am the actual worst at posting full on blog posts about an entire outfit, I’m going to try out something new. I’m going to start a new series of quick outfits of the day that I’m wearing at any given time. Don’t get me wrong, I love styling myself up for the blog, but I’m just a normal gal, so I’m busy!

I feel like a lot of bloggers out there have this facade of a fabulous blogger life, where all they do is go to events, shop, and party. But thats not me. I go to school full time, I have a part time job that is NOT glamours, and I’m in the Army Reserves. I love blogging, and I love fashion, but my life gets in the way a lot.

Now, don’t get me wrong, I ALWAYS try to put together new outfits everyday. It’s fun for me, plus I go to school for fashion, so thats basically a requirement, right? haha. Anyway, it is much easier for me to snap a few iPhone pictures of my day to day wear, than it is to only post super stylized outfits like I tend to do in most of my posts.

So in this outfit, I am wearing a Sketchy Tank tee shirt and a pair of acid wash jeans. I love wearing super offensive tees, because they are a statement in themselves, and you really don’t have to put much effort into anything else. AKA, the perfect lazy day outfit. I wore a dad hat to hide the fact that I wasn’t wearing makeup, and my tried and true Dolls Kill moon purse.

I have this look linked to my liketoknow.
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