Oversized Everything

Believe it or not, tall girls have clothing problems too! Shout out to all body types (because we are all beautiful) but a major issue I have as a tall gal is getting clothes to fit ‘slouchy.’ I see some of my favorite bloggers wear oversized jackets, sweaters, and tees as basically dresses and they pull it off without a flaw! Me on the other hand? I’m 5’10”, so everything is short or barely fits. 

One of my favorite trends for the fall is wearing an oversized vintage band tee or sweater as almost a dress. Pairing this with over the knee boots and a baggy jacket and boom, you have an amazing outfit. Me on the other hand? Even a large, or x-large tee barely hits mid butt for me. 

Enough complaining though, lets talk about what can be done for us tall and lanky gals! I found this t-shirt dress at Forever 21 that gives the feel of an oversized t-shirt. I paired this dress with my boyfriends denim jacket and these fabulous OTN boots from boohoo!

So what do you think? Did I pull this trend off? Tall ladies, where ya at? You feeling me on this post? Short gals, what struggles do you tend to have when styling outfits? I would love to hear from y’all! 

Shop this look below!

*Photo credit belongs to Camila Cediel

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