The Staple Pair of Overalls

An easy transitional piece from summer to fall..

Nothing quite like a pair of comfy overalls, right? I was lucky enough to find these on clearance at Topshop late this summer for only $15! (I did find an equally cute pair for $28 that I linked below though. 😛 ) I love that this one piece of clothing can totally transform a t-shirt to the next level. Something that was originally a normal, everyday tee, into an outfit that looks so put together! What do you all think? Do you love overalls just as much as me, or am I just an insane lady? 

I hope everyone has an amazing Halloween weekend!  

Vintage tee – similar here

Overalls – similar here

Chunky boots – similar here

Lipstick – NARS

*P credit belongs to Camila Cediel

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