Chicago Rooftops

I thought I would never see the day, but I think it’s here. I officially own one too many leather jackets. I have this terrible habit of impulse buying any leather jacket I see, as long as it has a quirk of it’s own. In the case of this post, I snagged this bad boy on eBay because of the flames (duh.) I have a weak spot for anything Harley related, mainly because of how I can easily mix it in with the rest of my closet, seamlessly. 

However, I think my time has come to start recycling some of these leather jackets back into the fashion world, and into some of y’alls closets! I want to open either a Poshmark or Depop for some of my older pieces; My question is if you all have any preference when it comes to shopping? I would love to hear some insight, I always love hearing feedback from you all. 😀

Black beanie• $8.95 similar here

Black graphic crop tee • $39 similar here
Flame leather jacket • $3,080 • similar here
Moto black ripped jamie jeans • $75 here
Chelsea boot • $70 here

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