I Want to Believe

Happy Labor Day everyone! I hope you have had a fabulous (and long) weekend. School starts tomorrow, which means I have had a million and one errands to run this past few weeks before I have zero life again. This outfit is an honest example of what I wear on a daily basis. Leggings, a baggy tee, sandals, and a pony tail. I honestly can’t be bothered with dressing up and doing my makeup and hair daily. I’m lazy and a bit of a tomboy when it comes to those types of things.

This tee is so amazing though, right? I love the aesthetic of metal band tee shirts, but I can’t honestly wear most of them without being a poser. (Just not super into the genre.) But I recently found this fab tee brand on Etsy called Monsters Outside, who makes ‘band’ tee knock offs. I mean, who doesn’t love a good X-files metal tee? I really hope to stock up on more of this type of shirt for fall; it’s just so easy for me to throw on an easy tee with a nice pair of leggings or black skinny jeans and call it a day.

*All photo credit belongs to Camila Cediel

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