flamin hot cheeto

Happy August! Lets go ahead and address the elephant in the room; Why did I call this post Flamin Hot Cheeto? Well my friends, its because I have food on my brain, and flames around my neck. This may come as news to some of you, but your ol’ gal pal here is a certified fat ass.

Anyway! I seriously can not believe its already eight months into the year. School starts soon, which means I am going to be drowning in school work, once again 8-D (this is fine, everything is fine.)

On a lighter note though, I have recently just discovered the most amazing vintage shop via instagram y’all. Its called Shookeye, and ladies you MUST check them out. They are all about cheap and affordable vintage clothes, but with the most chic twist ever. The white vest I’m wearing in this post is from their shop (and was only $12!!!) 

If you use my coupon code ‘klinkerbelll’ (three L’s) at checkout you can get 10% off your entire order!


*All photo credit belongs to Camila Cediel

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