Ok, lets be honest here. Generally, yes, my posts are about an outfit as a whole. But today? Today my post is all about this Dollywood, fringetastic, kickass leather gem I picked up at a vintage shop a few weeks ago. 

I originally spotted this jacket on, but couldn’t realistically afford $345 on my current budget. Fast forward to the month of June (the time everyone wants to be shopping for winter jackets, right?) I was walking around Wicker Park and decided to drop in to a magical vintage shop, which of course I’m currently blanking on the name. This shop is fantastic y’all, so good that bands like The Black Keys and Jack White shop here when they’re in town. Anyway, I am rummaging through all the gold, and vuala, there she is. In the flesh! So naturally I put it on immediately, and haggle the shop owner down to a reasonable price. 

So here I am, mid June, walking around downtown Chicago in my Dollywood ready look. White cowboy boots and fringe galore. But who can blame me? This jacket is what dreams are made of.

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