Silver Dollar

Up until yesterday afternoon, I have been some shade of blonde for the past 25 years of my life. (minus that time I tried dying my hair blue when I was 13. Lets just say my mom made that end quicker than it began.) But now, I am now officially a shade of silver. I still have hints of blonde, sure, but this is ground breaking for me.

How is the state of your hair, you may ask. Well in short, it’s crap. I have been adding bleach on bleach on bleach to my hair for years now. At one point my hair was straight white. And after all of these years, its finally caught up to me. My hair has breakage, its really thin by the sides of my ears, and starting to feel super fine. Which all of this totally sucks, because when I was in my early 20’s my hair was thick, curly, and I had so much of it that I wanted to just shave it all off. 

I went into Mane Space right here in Chicago yesterday and worked with the most fabulous lady ever, Anastasia Amico (@anasasiaamico on Instagram.) I expressed all my concerns to her, including how I don’t think bleach was the best answer for me anymore; but I still wanted a change to my hair. Anastasia suggested going silver and told me about this fab 5 step moisturizing routine she could do with me to make my hair feel strong, and help it grow fast again.

I left the salon with all of these items you see pictured, and with much stronger and healthier feeling hair. The 5 step routine is called Bio Mplex, which is made in Italy and can only be purchased through salons. Steps 1-3 can only be done at the salon; which include a hair mask and deep conditionings.

Step 4 is a daily treatment which is a leave in conditioner that you add after you’re out of the shower. I was advised to only wash my hair twice a week, and use this after my showers.

Step 5 is a daily leave in oil. I previously had been using coconut oil in my hair for deep conditioning, which is good to use once or twice a month. However, your hair needs daily assistance outside of that. Which is why step 5 is so fab. Just a dab once a day helps give you hair the essential oils needed to stay healthy.

On top of these products, I also went home with a purple shampoo to help keep my hair it’s fierce silver color, and another silver spray including argon oil for extra moisturizing.

Now, I haven’t used any of these products over an extended period of time, so only time will tell how my hair reacts. I have a good feeling about it though, and I’m ready for my hair to be long and healthy once again!

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