Last week I had the pleasure of walking in Designer Share's Fall Refresh Fashion Show. Here are a few of the highlights from the event.

If you haven’t already checked them out, go right now! Basically you can rent any designer clothing you want for a fraction of what it would cost to actually purchase it!

And lets be honest, who doesn’t wanna wear Tibi for $75 a week VS $500?!

How many of you are familiar with this chart? The myth of pick two. Basically it’s nearly impossible to balance all three, right? And don't forget to add fitness, healthy eating, and your sanity into the mix.

Thats essentially where I am right now. Trying to figure out how to pass all my classes, go to the gym, post on my blog, go to work, have a life, and then be in bed by 11PM. Its really not possible. Certain parts of my life are being neglected, not gonna life. I haven’t had a chance to shoot for my blog, go out for drinks, or really much of anything else since this semester started. #collegelife

I got inspired this weekend though, after Brooklyn Hat Company sent me this fab hat. Even though I’m too busy to actually wear this outfit out anywhere fun, at least I can pretend for a minute that I actually have a life.

So tell me, what about y’all? Are you all suffering as bad as me? lol!

.... And you ARE the father. (Sorry, I had to.) But In all seriousness, my results really are in from Home DNA! And I must say, I am pleasantly surprised with most of my results (thanks for the fab genes mom and dad!) 

The Results

So here are my results. It almost feels intimate sharing these with you, but here we go!

So as you can see, I have optimal results in almost all seven areas. Standard in collagen depreciation, but also 'non ideal' for collagen fiber formation. *scary*! Also, the entire antioxidant section I am only 'standard'.

So Now What?

I'm not going to lie, I was freaked out to see I had a 'non ideal' result, and several 'standards.' But knowledge is power, and now I can be proactive about my skin! What is great about this test is that each section has a dedicated page for each result. In fact, my entire report was a whopping 11 pages. 

For example, when I saw a red result for non idea with my collagen, the Home DNA results told me what I can do to be proactive.

So not only do I see my results, but I also see what I can do to improve these danger areas on my skin. 

Products To Use 

So naturally after I got my results, the first thing I did was research serums for Vitamin C & E, as well as creams for improved collagen. There are actually quite a few creams out there, so it was overwhelming to know what to pick. 

I personally already have a good skin regimen that aids in anti-aging. But I did end up purchasing two new products to add to my routine.

(Click to shop)

I am starting out with these two puppies since they are affordable, and a brand I trust. (You all know I am all about saving a buck when I can!)

Overall Review

The entire process of Home DNA testing was easy, fun, and super educational. It is, in my opinion, well worth the money. Consider it an investment in your future skin. Not to mention, its really fascinating to learn more about yourself!

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to style / model for The Nebula Shop's lookbook.

All photos were taken by the crazy talented Callum
So we have all been there, right? At a loss of what to post next. You want something different, but everywhere you look its just more of the same. Flat lays out outfits, cute walls, and everything else in between. So what do you do to set yourself apart?

Take a look at what Muses has to say

I think that Muses really look a great approach at the best ways to spice up what you do. Not only this, but they also did a great job of giving advice on how to look at what your audience wants. 

Focus on the nuance.

Try again with a different word, or, try an associational exercise to flesh out the one you did grab. If you wrote down fun, write out one of your happiest memories next, a fun memory. What were you doing? What were you wearing? Who were you with? What made it so much fun? How does that moment fit in with your personal style?
Last week, I played two-on-two basketball with a group of friends. My best friend shot a couple three-pointers and I killed it at defense relative to my lack of experience playing basketball. I had on a dress which is not designed for sports and a pair of Nikes, as always. We initiated the shoot-out on a whim.
So, here are a few details I’ve gleaned from that memory: hiked up maxi, middle school blacktop, smack talk, unexpected victory, no judgement, my friends are good sports.  Now, I can use any one of those details to help me craft my next post. Do I know how I’m going to implement those details? I don’t. But I do know that the more specific you are with your content, the more inherently interesting it becomes.
Don’t be a afraid to go niche. 

(Find the full example at

Go Unconventional 

Just because you classify yourself as a 'blogger' doesn't mean you have to abide by some unwritten law of blogger rules. That doesn't exist. My personal recommendation is to step outside of your comfort zone. Stop looking at other bloggers for inspiration for once, and start looking at art, old neon signs, architecture. Then, start just taking photo of the things you notice. As odd as it may seem, a traffic cone could be your next Instagram or blog post, and you will slay it hunny. 

Who doesn't love a versatile piece?

I was recently asked to review The Home DNA Skin Care Kit. At first, I was confused. I had never heard of a home DNA kits outside of checking your ancestry. But after some research, I had to say yes! 

So lets talk about how it works.

You can buy this DNA test online or soon to be at CVS for $24.99. After you bring your kit home, you register your envelope code on their website, and then pay the lab fee of $79. Which, yes, may seem steep, but to be fair every other lab kit similar to this is $300! So consider this an investment in your skins future. 

After your enrollment, you just swab your cheek! There are four swabs total, and they want you to use all four. It shows in the package to move the swab in a circular motion, which felt pretty silly. I had my boyfriend laughing the entire time. I mean, how often do you willing put a cotton swab in your mouth? haha!

After each swab, you just put it in the collection envelop. Once all four swabs are done, you put the collection envelope inside of a prepaid envelope and send it on out! It says that it can take up to 10 days for the lab to receive your order though, so be patient! 

So now lets talk what the results will look like.

There are seven categories total that the lab checks for:

Category 1: Fine Lines & Wrinkles
Category 2: Sun Protection
Category 3: Skin Sensitivity
Category 4: Skin Elasticity
Category 5: Pigmentation
Category 6: Collagen Quality
Category 7: Skin Antioxidants

When I receive my results I will be told which of these categories are of the most concern for me. But not only that, I will also be told which topical ingredients to use, what supplement ingredients to use, and professional treatment I can seek to help prevent these things in the future.

I am so excited to get my results, and even more excited to share them with you all! 

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